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Welcome to Uncle Pete's Camping Ground

Not much has changed at Uncle Pete's in the last 60 years. The Esopus Creek still offers renowned trout fishing. The local hiking trails in the woods and up Mount Tremper are still challenging backpackers. Tubing the river still refreshes friends and family on a hot afternoon. We can't think of a way to improve on nature, so we keep it simple.

We welcome you with a peaceful site for your tent, complete with fire pit and clean restrooms nearby. A separate RV area provides water and electricity. We even have a creek-side log cabin that sleeps six and very romantic for two.

Nestled in a small valley just a mile from Phoenicia, with its eclectic arts scene and excellent dining choices, we strive to provide a beautiful camping experience for everyone. Our tradition of family oriented hospitality goes back to the many summers we spent here as campers. We loved Uncle Pete's so much we bought it from Pete himself, and we honor his memory and our childhood by changing nothing.

A little old fashioned maybe, the sound of flowing water through soft green forests, the smell of burgers on the grill, the voices of birds at dawn and the luxury of an afternoon nap under the trees. We think you'll love it here too.


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